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OHSAA Assistant Commissioner Jerry Snodgrass and Baseball Director of Development Kyle McNeely provides a weekly baseball notebook featuring FAQs and other points of emphasis on the OHSAA Website.  It's really a great source of what's going on in Baseball around the State of Ohio during the season.  If you get a chance you can find it <<HERE>>


There still seems to be some confusion to the Baseball DH rule so I have put together a document on that rule that hopefully you all find useful.  Remember that the BASEBALL DH rule is NOT THE SAME as the SOFTBALL DP/FLEX rule.  Please take the time to go over the DH rule and understand it so we can be enforcing it properly.  If you have any questions please let me know.


Baseball Pitching Points of Emphasis

I have uploaded a .pdf file that contains a brief review of the pitching points of emphasis for this season.  John Meyers sent out an email to everyone on 3/30/13 (Easter) outlining some of the issues we've already been having this season.  We will be continuing to push all of you to properly enforce the pitching rules as they are laid out in the rulebook.

Click Here to go to the Downloads Page where you can download the .pdf file.

If you have any questions concerning the pitching rules please contact myself or John Meyers.

Rule Clarifications

Per Kyle McNeely, OHSAA Baseball Director of Development (3/29/12)
  • a pitcher may wear a "play list / wrist coach" on their non-throwing arm as long as we (umpires) deem it not distracting.  Not distracting meaning doesn't create a glare, bright colors, etc... Please use good judgement when ruling on this.
  • a pitcher should be ALLOWED to wear the wrist coach on his belt. He did not specify any additional restrictions as it pertains to this item at this time.

Answers to the rules quiz questions have been moved to their own page.  The link is on the left or you can find them HERE
This Topic of Umpiring Professionalism was presented by Terry Irwin and Joe Miller at our 2012 Baseball Mini-Camp
(PowerPoint Presentation was provided by Kyle McNeely at the 2012 Baseball Rules Interpretation Meeting)

3-7-2012 MTUA Baseball Rules Meeting

This is the PowerPoint utilized for our 3/7/12 Rule Meeting

2012 MTUA Baseball Rules Meeting #2

Sorry for all the "Technical" difficulties at last nights meeting!  Here is the presentation and please review the video clips below that were supposed to be associated with it.

2012 MTUA-Baseball Rule Meeting #3-3-21-12.pptx

Make Sure you Check out the Balk Videos Listed Below!!!

2012 MTUA-Baseball Rule Meeting #4 - 3-28-12

Balk Video #1 ‎(Rule Meeting #3)‎

Balk Video #2 ‎(Rule Meeting #3)‎

Balk Video #3 ‎(Lefty)‎ (Rule Meeting #3)

Pitching From the Stretch (Rules Meeting #3)

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